Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kite Mobile in Cube Land.

I must confess that I work in cubicle land to feed my hacking habits.

But my co-workers, neighbours and random visitors know that someone odd sits in my cubicle when the see this:

The hanging gnome is an in-joke from my wife based on a trip to Adelaide South Australia where we saw some Christmas elf decorations that had blown(?) off light stands on Rundle Mall and were hanging from their safety cables.  I'll find that surreal photo someday...

The fighting kites are from Lee Valley Tools [1] ten years ago, the tee-bar hook/adaptor is from Home Depot and the rest is just coat hanger wire and fishing line.

Lots of folks now give directions along the lines of 'two cubes toward the windows from the kites' with great effect.

I sometimes wonder what people really think about the guy under that mobile...

Are there any other mobiles out there in the cubicle wastelands?

[1] Warning! Lee Valley Tools is an enormous time and money pit for those of us who love beautiful functional tools.

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